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You Won’t Believe What’s Hiding In Your Mattress

You wouldn't believe your eyes of you saw what was hiding in your mattress.

An Australian mother made a terrifying discovery in one of the most common places, inside of her queen sized mattress and decided to take to social media and share it with the world. She had posted a series of photos that were shared to a popular cleaning page on Facebook this week, after she had made a purchase from a second-hand shop.

“All of this from my mattress,” she says in her post, One of the photos displayed on the page was a huge pile of skin cells, dust, and dirt covering her floor. She says her discovery made her feel, “absolutely disgusted, embarrassed, and shocked. Please don’t crucify me.” She asked the other group members, “I just wanted to show everyone how much stuff can come from one queen-sized mattress.”

She also posted several other scary photos showing a collection of filthy, brown powder that she extracted from her mattress into her new bag-less vacuum. The Aussie mum had told the group that she would be sure to vacuum her mattress every time she switched her sheets to keep the build-up from happening again. Another woman who was part of the same group also vacuumed her mattress after her post and added her own collection of photos to the thread. To her surprise most the women in the group thanked her for being brave enough to share her story and reminding them how important it is for them to remember mattress hygiene. “This is why mattresses get heavier over the years, build-up of dead skin cells, dirt and bodily fluids.”

Another mother on the page also had a similar experience after buying a new mattress-specific vacuum that she had found on sale, “I bought the mattress vacuum from Godfreys for $99, which was half price, I did my queen mattress and the girls’ toddler mattress.” She then posted videos of what she had collected inside of the vacuum, what was a canister that was over-flowing with gray powder, sucked from the deepest part of her dirty mattress.

Another mother also gave a cleaning tip for getting those ugly stains out of mattresses by using Polident, which is a denture cleaning tablet she says, “Best thing was it cost me $6 to buy the Polident and hardly any effort to clean it, I put six tablets in a bottle of 500mL of water. I then sprayed the mattress. It basically disappeared before my eyes. I then wiped off with a little water.” She also posted her cleaning tip with pictures on the forum.

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