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Tracking Down The Hidden Germs In Your Home

They’re creeping, they’re crawly, they’re microscopic and don’t bother going outside looking for them. They’re already inside your house!

They’re in your kitchen and bathroom between the baseboards and around the rim of your sinks, they’re germs! Despite all you valiant efforts of scrubbing it’s nearly impossible to eliminate their existence…unless you target their specific breeding grounds where their numbers are at their highest and attacking them with household cleaners and disinfectants.

However, constantly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing can take a toll on you. Even when you try using all the fancy multi-surface cleaners, liquid sanitizers, and powdered formulas to combat the little mutants, but even after all of your efforts they can still be hiding in the smallest corners of your home.

This in mind these are you five key areas of attack to combat the germs in your home!

The Bathrooms – This should be no surprise this would be first on your list and the germs found in your bathroom are escaping to areas you may have not focused on previously. The bathroom window and door are just as contaminated as the toiled, and simply wiping them down is not going to be enough to battle this foreign enemy. Use bleach, vinegar, or even chlorine to rid your bathroom of this terrible foe.

Doorknobs and Handles – This is common area that gets left mostly unchecked in homes and the switches can be a hotbed for the microscopic organisms. These are the germs that travel from your hands and transfer to the knobs and doorknobs in your home. Most don’t know it, but this is one of the most contaminated areas in your house. Which is why it is important to disinfect these areas daily…before they spread anywhere else!

Light Switches- When you come home you the first thing you undoubtedly do is flip on the light switches, and just like the doorknobs and handles you’re inadvertently bringing the germs into your home! Make sure you attack the light switch with disinfectant.

Kitchen Sink –Ah, the kitchen sink is basically a hot tub for these alien bodies, time to drop some of them by making sure your disinfecting your kitchen sink on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.

Refrigerator- Saving the best for last is where you store carcass and decomposing plant life which makes your refrigerator a hot house for these terrible germs. Which is why you have to attack this area on a weekly basis.

The war will never be done with these microscopic entities but at least now you can have a battle plan and some methods of attack to combat these hot zones of infestation!

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