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Normal House Cleaning vs. Sanitizing and Disinfecting

It’s always a good season to give your living spaces a thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

You are also going to want to get busy disinfecting every crevasse to rid your home of bacteria.

But, what is the difference between just regular cleaning and disinfecting your house from the floorboards to the ceiling fans?

But, what is the difference between just regular cleaning and disinfecting your house from the floorboards to the ceiling fans?

This is a question you might want ask yourself as you’re reaching for your cleaning supplies

What Does It Mean To Just Clean?

When you are just cleaning your house, you’re just removing the untidiness, grime for around the home, and dusting. This means you’re picking up the kid’s toys and washing the dishes in soap and water, vacuuming the carpet and the furniture, getting the shelves dusted and putting the whole house in order. If there is visible dust and dirt on it, cleaning is the removal of it.

However you aren’t going to have to step into a hazmat ensemble and set up the sanitization chamber to get your home in its freshest condition. Dr. Beth Albrecht a professor in microbiology, anatomy, genetics, and physiology at Stark State College says, “Cleaning is scrubbing with hot soapy water and rinsing. This is typically enough for household surfaces.” If you clean your home on a regular basis with a acute eye can help you keep your home flawless.

What Does Disinfecting and Sanitizing Mean?

Regular cleaning is going to be very good for the overall health of your home, it doesn’t necessarily reduce the bacteria buildup on surfaces. That’s where disinfecting and sanitizing are going to come in. “Sanitizing is reducing microbial counts (numbers of bacteria and viruses) to safe levels. Disinfecting aims to destroy harmful – what could make us sick – growing microbes, which are bacteria and viruses,” Dr. Albrecht mentions, “This is not the same as sterilizing which aims to destroy all microbes.” However some bleach and other disinfectant cleaning materials can be toxic, so you are going to want to make sure you also remove the traces of disinfectants after you’re done using them.

Now, using all-natural solutions might turn out to be the best solution here because as they do affect the bacteria populations but they are not considered a disinfectant. However lemon juice and vinegar contain acids that will work as an antimicrobial, eliminating growing harmful bacteria. If you do chose to use this homemade solution it will get your surfaces sparkling clean and make them harder for the bacteria to grow, but do keep in mind these ingredients won’t work as disinfectants.

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