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How to Reduce Anxiety and Depression Through Cleaning

Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Through the Power of Cleaning

Scrubbing and Dusting for the Soul

Who knew cleaning the dishes could become the new therapy? Move over guided meditation it’s time to get to scrubbing and sweeping to achieve inner peace! To the majority of people, getting down and scrubbing the kitchen floor is grueling, tiresome, and a necessary waste of your time. But, to some it’s becoming the new trend sweeping social media. Countless women have been taking to Instagram and making their homes look spotless. The platform has recently been flooded with the hashtag #CleanHomes accompanied by pictures of their favorite products and methods.

It’s all branching off from influencers like Marie Kondo who is a decluttering authority on the platform with her tag line, “Discard anything that does not spark joy.” Since then users have been taking selfies of sparkling kitchen counter tops and flawless bathrooms. This is also giving them a inexpensive and pleasurable way to make themselves look good and feel good on Instagram.

Another front runner of this movement is Sophie Hinch, who is a hairdresser in Essex who is known by her two million Instagram followers as Mrs. Hinch. She’s dubbed her cleaning cupboard “Narnia” and has other clever nicknames for her cleaning utensils such as Minkeh. She’s also sparked a twenty five percent surge in sales for an old school brand Zoflora as she guides us through her cleaning rituals in her unblemished home. She is launching a whole new kind of movement that uses cleaning to calm and soothe the soul.

Mrs. Hinch has also taken to writing a new book, Hinch Yourself Happy, which gives readers the idea that following the routine of vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and scrubbing can leave one feeling like we’ve achieved something we can be proud of, and ultimately happier for doing. Her followers say that her methods have also helped them curb their anxiety as well helped their overall mental health.

Mrs. Hinch has definitely struck a chord with the country’s psyche!

Some spectators however feel like women are still struggling to be taken seriously outside the home and that this perpetuates a regressive movement, but her fans say just the opposite and attest that it’s taking back control of their lives! Life Coach Carole Ann Rice suggests, “We all need order and our homes should nurture us and be a place of refuge. If there is clutter, dirt and messiness, we can’t gather ourselves or feel in control. So, when we’ve tidied or cleaned, we feel we’ve made sense of mayhem. A breath of fresh air runs through us-order is resumed and control gained.”

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