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Hack Your Kitchen Cleaning Routine!

9 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

Got a quick minute to get your kitchen clean this weekend? After the weekend dinner party is over and you’re ready to get the kitchen shining again, try a few of these quick cleaning hacks to help you deodorize and deep clean your drain for your sink, those germy sponges, dingy trash can and even more.

What You’ll Need to Get Started READY > SET > GO

Step 1: Collect the kitchen towels, linens and aprons and drop them in the washing machine

Step 2: Start with the messy microwave by cleaning it out using water and just a few drops of those essential oils (You know, the ones you HAD to get from Karen and her MLM) to steam clean it!

Step 3: Get the germy sponges clean by zapping them in the microwave. Completely soak the sponge, the place it into a bowl and set the microwave for one minute.

Step 4: Now, use those essential oils, a little bit of vinegar and water to get the grease of that dirty stove top!

Step 5: Getting that trash clean! When you get the bag emptied out of the can, use a bit of vinegar and water to get it completely cleaned out and then use just a dash of banking soda to get it completely deodorized.

Step 6: Take a whiff of your drain in your kitchen, does it smell less than appealing? That’s okay all you have to do is use a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and table salt to get is smelling fresh and deodorized.

Still With Us? 3 More To Go!

Step 7: Take a look at the kitchen windows, do you see those greasy finger prints? Use the glass cleaner or you can even make your own by mixing water, vinegar, and those essential oils.

Step 8: Become the master of this domain by tackling the messy fridge! Sanitize and disinfect the drawers and shelves, even get a new organizational system installed. This will save you time and ultimately save you money!

Step 9: Lastly, get that coffee pot cleaned, there’s a good chance that after a couple weeks’ worth of creating the life source brew it’s gotten a bit dingy. Give it some tender loving care by running a pot of vinegar and water to get rid of mineral buildup!

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