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Futuristic Cleaning

Cleaning is a tough, time consuming chore.

But living in the future might just make it easier on us.

We all wish we were living in a Jetson’s type future where cleaning the whole house was automated, and we would barely have to lift a finger to keep our homes spick and span. Unfortunately, we live in the current day and age and dealing with grime and grease is an everyday occurrence, but what if there was a way, a better way through the power of modern technology!

There’s no better feeling than walking into a home that’s completely candle lit clean but getting to that point takes a good amount of work. Most people take around three hours a week to clean their homes, if you consider how long it takes to do the laundry and dishes.

Luckily you were alive during the turn of the century and there are tons of computerized gadgets at your disposal which will make easy work out of any chore on your list.

  • The Narwal Automated Mop & Vacuum Robot This is the definitive home assistant for your floors, but this little robot doesn’t just vacuum and mop for you, but it will also clean itself. This little droid will completely map your homes floors for smart navigation to reach the toughest corners of your home, and then when it’s done with the job will return to it’s docking station where it will then rinse, empty, and dry it’s mop without you having to a thing

  • Husqvarna 450X Automower Lawnmover The “good” old days of push mowers are a thing of the past, and as much as we know you’d love to mow your lawn yourself this robot will GPS navigate through your lawn to cut it for you. No matter the size of yard whether it be a small front yard or an entire golf course this handy bot can do the job.

  • Dremel Versa High-Speed Cleaner No one needs a written invitation for spring cleaning with the Dremel Versa, it is a compact, high powered speed cleaner that will cut through grime, grease, and buildup. This bot can deep clean anything from your grill to your shoes, to your car.

  • Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot No longer will you have to spend time heaved over a dirty toilet bowl with the new Giddel toilet cleaning bot! This machine connects directly to your toilet so you don’t have to grab the brush yourself and will scrub it clean for you. It’s all thanks to the attached telescopic arm that can reach anywhere, even the hard to get to areas below the rim.

  • CATOLET Automatic Litter Box Even your favorite feline friend now has an android to do the dirty work. Where you once thought you would be tasked with the chore of cleaning after your pet forever in comes the CATOLET Smart Cat Box

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