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5 Workouts To Sneak In While You Clean

The 5 Perfect Ways to Sneak a Workout in While You Clean

We get it, you have a busy life and getting that workout routine isn’t always easy to get to. However, there are some ways to sneak one in while you’re getting the scrubbing and dusting done. Homeowners on average burn somewhere around 3,600 calories annually just from doing a little spring cleaning, based on a study conducted by Mail Online back in 2013. Which believe it or not is more than most people burn while they’re running a marathon.

Granted, you can always just lazily wander around the house doing a little dusting here or there, but you if you want to get a workout in, you’re going to have to push yourself a little harder.

1) Great Abs Scrubbing the Floor Keep in mind you want to make sure you are cleaning while you’re getting a workout in at the same time, you’ll have to drop down on your hands and knees to get the scrubbing done on the floor. This will build a stronger core and work your abs out at the same time. To get started, put down a large wash rag underneath both your hands, then drop down on all fours. Make sure you stabilize your core while sliding your hands all the way in front of you and get into extended plank position. While in this position hold it for two counts, then using your ab muscles to pull yourself back into position under your shoulders. Repeat this until the floors shine. Not only will your floors look sparkling, but you’ll have a stronger core and look grand when you’re at the pool, this will not only take away your back pain but will give you better posture and protect your inner organs, not to mention a boost your self-confidence.

2) Vacuuming and Lunges While you’re getting the vacuuming done, perform some walking lunges. Make certain to keep your knees right above your ankles, keep the core tight and your back straight. Your toes need to be pointing straight out, so don’t try to curl them, and do not bend the knee further than 90 degrees (See Jon Snow). You can even use your vacuum if you need a little more balance, but make sure to not lean on it. You’ll feel it in your thighs and as soon as you do, you’ll know it’s working. Doing this routine will not only get the carpets done but it will strengthen your glutes and legs.

3) Dishes and Squats While you’re getting the dishwasher unloaded, don’t just grab the dishes and put them away. In its place, drop down and do squats to tackle this chore. To make this happen, hold the dish close to your core, making sure to keep your back straight and gradually drop yourself into a sitting position. Hold there for a moment, and then slowly lift yourself up and put that dish away. Now, if you got a full load, this can be a really challenging workout. This will primarily work out your leg muscles, doing the squat routine will promote muscle growth through your whole body. While also helping burn fat and lose weight, while improving flexibility and toning the glutes.

4) Laundry and Stairs When you have to put things away like your laundry up the stairs, don’t just do it one time. Try doing multiple trips, the more trips you take the better your results will be. This is a great way to condition your legs and a great cardio workout!

5) Dusting and TV Routine

Try combining a little bit of dusting with your TV workouts, and with this you can get the dusting done and burn a bunch of calories. Dusting is always going to be a chore that’s going to need to be done so why not add in your favorite YouTube workout routine to the mix.

Whether you’re a beginner or a hard trainer, when you add in these workout routines, you’ll have a house that shines and a rocking body!

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