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5 Summer Cleaning Hacks

5 Last Minute Summer Cleaning Hacks Just In Time For Fall

Vinegar can be powerful in fighting dirt and grime, but with all power comes responsibility.

In this article we will cover the right and wrong ways to use it.

The summer is almost over, but there are still a bunch of places in your home that require a good scrubbing before the fall rolls around. Maid4Utah owner Tracy Burrows stops in to introduce 5 cleaning hacks to make your life just a little bit easier.

1. Cleaning Your Porch Using a stiff broom and power washing the base of doors, concrete to get rid of any exterior cobwebs and dirt will keep you from tracking it in to your home.

2. Cleaning the Windows Using your favorite glass cleaning to was the windows and light fittings, and wiping them clean with paper towels to eliminate streaks a fibers. This will allow in natural light and cut down on the high summer electric bill.

3. The Bathroom In the summer there’s a lot of grass from, dirt, and especially if you live in Florida sand that gets thrown everywhere. Use your vacuum to clean in the corners, then wipe the rest using damp paper towel to get the rest.

4. Cleaning the Grill To clean your grill quickly try crumpling up a ball of tin-foil then pour a little bit of vinegar on top of it, then scrub those grates spotless. This is a simple way to remove the leftover food and grease off of your grill, but this is also safe enough to use around your food.

5. Stubborn Grass Stains Use about one half of a cup of white vinegar to start scrubbing the stain out before washing. Then throw those grass stained clothes into the washer and set it to cold and once it’s done hang it out to dry.

#CleaningHack Drop a little bit of vinegar into every wash to make your clothes even softer!

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